Turn on your Master Show



  • This show Opening will be awesome with a Maria Callas, Performance Art piece by a DC Gay Icon.
  • Scott Brooks, one of my most favorite artist will be choosing the winners of the art show.
  • Drew Cariaso and I will be curating so you know it will be spicy.
  • Yes there will be snacks and wine.

Turn On Your Masters Art Exhibit Opens April 5, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, April 5, 7–10 pm Show Dates: April 5–28, 2013

Alexandria, VA (released: March 6, 2013) – Artists take an opportunity to pay homage to their favorite masters, question the hoopla surrounding particular pieces and praise, critique, or dish the artist and peers who have influenced them in Turn On Your Masters, an upcoming art exhibit at Del Ray Artisans. Come to the opening reception on Friday, April 5 from 7-10 pm to mingle with the artists other art appreciators and in the spirit of the show’s title. There will be a musical performance art event inspired by the legendary opera diva Maria Callas.

Satire can be the biggest compliment to a master artist as are works that pay homage to the master. A master may be from any era or even current day. A picture of DRA artists’ selected master/master artwork will be displayed next to the artwork. The show contains both 2- and 3-dimensional art as well as textiles.

We are honored to introduce our Show Awarding Judge: Scott Brooks (www.scottgbrooks.com). His extensive portfolio reveals that Scott is an excellent choice to jury the Turn On Your Masters awards. Scott’s work embodies the whimsy and irony that is the basis of the Turn On Your Masters theme. A local artist, Scott has built a well-respected reputation as a professional painter and illustrator both nationally and abroad.

The show runs April 5 through April 28, 2013 at Del Ray Artisans gallery at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center, 2704 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301. Gallery hours are: Thursdays, noon to 6 pm; Fridays, noon to 9 pm; Saturdays, 10 am to 9 pm; and Sundays, noon to 6 pm. The gallery is free, open to the public and handicap accessible.

For more information, please visit www.TheDelRayArtisans.org or contact the curators Zade Ramsey (zade.ramsey@gmail.com, 703-731-8802) or Drew Cariaso (atenart@cariaso.net, 703-967-6646).

Del Ray Artisans, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community.

Del Ray Artisans (DRA) appreciates the continued support from the City of Alexandria, Alexandria Commission for the Arts, Virginia Commission for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts. DRA is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Decorative Assault Weapons


Decorative Assault Weapons, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″ x 32″, 2013
photo 5photo 1photo 4photo 3photo 2

This is a new acrylic on canvas piece I finished for the Power Art Show . By the way this painting, Decorative Assault Weapons, 24″ x 32″ is sold thank you very much.http://www.thedelrayartisans.org

This painting stated me painting again and I love it.  I be I may have reached a point where I will not make the Memory Boxes anymore……. Should In get you a tissue.

Zade Ramsey, Artist Statement for Power Art Show

I have always had a fascination for decorative art from the Renaissance through Mid- Twentieth  Century. Having been trained in fine art I have developed a distinction between the two. However I appreciate aspects of both and find at times artist blur that line. In my work for the last three years in creating the “Memory Boxes” one might find a connection to Decorative Art.

The Power Art Show gave me the idea that it might be possible to marry Decorative and Fine Art more obviously.

In my entry to this show entitled, Decorative Assault Weapons. I have taken traditional Toile fabric and wallpaper patterns and twisted the images to make reference to Assault Weapons.

Sheila, art lover, fashionista, stalker.

Sheila has developed a bit of a crush on Scott Brooks portrait. As I explained to Scott Sheila’s little crushes rarely result police involvement.

How can I be so caviler? Well, a portrait isn’t a real person and neither is Sheila.

You thought I was crazy you need to check yourself….What?

Sheila and Scott

Post Apocalyptic Art Show – January 5, 2012

Come see my latest art fashion and many more talented artist at the opening reception January 6th at the Del Ray Artistan Gallery in Alexandria VA.  Below are the details of the show. Artist all are welcome to enter entry dates Jan 2 and 3, 2012.


Artist Warriors: Post Apocalyptic Adventure

Opening Reception: Friday, January 6, 7–10 pm
Show Dates: January 6 – 29, 2012

Alexandria, VA (December 14, 2011) – Imagine a post apocalyptic landscape. Come and see how area artist have documented this inhospitable world with artistic vision. We invite you on this adventure. You will need to be armed with imagination. What would you see in a world after a global disaster decimates populations, governments and society? Is this world real or media created?

Apocalyptic scenarios open up a world of creative possibilities—we watched robots becoming our masters in “The Terminator” or genetic mutated monkeys taking over earth as in “The Planet of the Apes.” Don’t forget zombies. Perhaps your idea is more like WALL-E looking for the rebirth of plant life or even giant cannibal Kardashians over running the planet. Why should Hollywood have all the fun?

This show will offer 2- and 3-dimensional art as well as textiles such as clothing of apocalyptic era. Apocalyptic fashion will be worn during the opening reception on Friday, January 6 from 7-10pmand also on display through January 29.

Artist Warriors, Post Apocalyptic Adventure will be at the Del Ray Artisans gallery at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center, 2704 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301.  Gallery hours are: Thursdays, noon to 6 pm; Fridays, noon to 9 pm; Saturdays, 10 am to 9 pm; and Sundays, noon to 6 pm.  The gallery is open to the public and handicap accessible.

For more information, visit www.TheDelRayArtisans.org or contact the curators: Zade Ramsey (zade.ramsey@gmail.com703-731-8802), Drew Cariaso (atenart@cariaso.net703-967-6646) or Gordon Frank (gordonfrank666@gmail.com).


Del Ray Artisans, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote art

for the benefit of artists and the community. 
Del Ray Artisans (DRA) appreciates the continued support from the City of Alexandria, AlexandriaCommission for the Arts, Virginia Commission for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts and.  DRA is a 501(c)(3) organization.